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About DPS Karnal

A Real Learning Environment ...

Knowledge, like life, is a cycle. It starts with a question for which you seek an answer. Next comes understanding the answer and analyzing it which then leads to necessary action or application. This, in turn, leads to another question and the cycle thus goes on and grows on. At Delhi Public School Karnal, children’s freedom is respected to enable them to blossom into well groomed individuals who can observe and assimilate knowledge through a process of self-discovery. The endeavour is to keep this flame of inquisitiveness burning in the child, so that the light of knowledge shines brightly. The outcome of this noble exercise is that the students go on to make a mark in the world history and their success and glory transcends all geographical and universal frontiers.

At the school the students are educated in a safe and secure environment, supported by the teachers who understand and accommodate their individual needs. The school is a family, full of love, understanding, respect and special emphasis on discipline and character building. Here, our main goal is to provide the opportunity for quality education to meet the varied intellectual, cultural, physical, social and emotional needs of each child so that he/she may become an independent, responsible and useful productive citizen.

The specially designed classrooms cater to deal with the individual student . Skilful teachers and staff members teach our students by stimulating educational settings. This prepares our students for the changing reality that lies ahead. We strive to set a positive environment where the qualities like self respect and self-reliance are fostered.

'Helping students to develop love for learning’ is our ultimate goal. We welcome you to come and join the team.

Our Aim

  • unity in diversity
  • imparting education with a firm moral base
  • learning through modern teaching techniques
  • developing all traits of a child's personality
  • inculcating a sense of nationality
  • academic excellence by offering wide range of syllabus
  • physical fitness through various sports
  • desire for integration of regional linguistic and ideological heterogeneity

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