Delhi Public School (DPS)Karnal Campus

Chemistry Lab

To stimulate the in-depth study of endless scientific branch of knowledge and to bring the theories of classroom come alive, Chemistry Lab provides a zealous atmosphere as well as a boom to the innovative mind of young scientists.

  • Focus on target
  • Advanced learning

Physics Lab

With a view to nurture the scientific minds, the school provides an authentic platform through a well organized Physics Lab where the students learn by doing which ultimately enforces their logical thinking and reasoning.

  • Focus on target
  • Advanced learning

Biology Lab

To break the shackles of monotonous biological terms an enormous Biology Lab is outfitted with all the required equipments with a motive to gratify the curiosity of the upcoming biologists.

  • Focus on target
  • Advanced learning

Computer Lab for Juniors

Well installed Computer Lab for Junior students ensures to make the young toddlers computer savvy from class I itself. This computer knowledge at initial stage aims at making their foundation learning everlasting and to excel them in technology.

  • Wifi area
  • Latest Configurations

Computer Lab for Seniors

The school offers the access to computing resource and software for the senior students in Computer Lab 2 which ultimately aims at upgrading the students to chase their professional knowledge in the IT Sector. This lab is wired with uninterrupted Internet Connectivity open to all students under the supervision of the teachers.

  • Wifi area
  • Latest Configurations

Maths Lab

Maths Lab has a collection of different materials and teaching aids, related to Mathematics, required to help the students to understand and clarify the concepts through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities. The aim of Maths Lab is to explore the world of Mathematical Learning and to discover and to develop an interest in the subject.

  • Experimental learning
  • Fun Filled Activites

Language Lab

The Language Laboratory consists of microphone sets to enhance the Listening and Speaking skills of the students. The Lab is equipped with the audio-visual facility. The development of interest in language learning is the major concern of the Language Lab Teachers. The educational and informational learning modules are beneficial for the students. The Language Lab has a library of its own which consists of CDs, books and other such materials.

  • Enhance Listening
  • Learning Modules


An extensive library which boasts of a wide collection of books and educational CDs has been established to attain the objective of developing reading habit among students. A modern, computerized library stacked with a large collection of books of different spectrum, journals, periodicals, including many rare manuals is made accessible to facilitate the scholastic development and achievements of the students.

  • Wide Books Collection
  • Focus On Reading


Amphitheatre is state of the art infrastructure and the centre of attraction for holding various functions and morning assembly. It has seating capacity of nearly 1000 students. A central stage and three cornered flight of stairs give it a glorious look.

  • Center of Attraction
  • Lively Space

Audio Visual Room

The School has an ultra modern Audio-Visual room to be used for activities like debates, elocutions, quizzes and lectures that are conducted now and then for promoting all round development of the students.

All the class rooms are equipped with audio visual equipments, for adopting modern system of learning.

  • modern technologies
  • latest methodologies

Art & Craft Room

To enhance the creativity of the young learners, well equipped Art and Craft Room is available to focus on flourishing dipsites’ artistic zeal by engaging them in various art arenas like drawing, painting, tie and dye, sculpture making etc.

  • Creative Corner
  • Budding Picassos

Music Room

The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning. The sheer aim is to foster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, teach critical social skills and engender creativity and innovation. Music education in the school is well rounded including both Indians, Classical and Western music. The genre of music ranges from Indian folks songs to English classical and fusion. By the end of a student’s school life, they can take pride in the treasure trove of music that they have learnt so far.

  • Music Education
  • creativity and innovation

Dance Room

A separate well equipped dance room is available to nurture the creative, aesthetic and artistic soul of the school children. In the room with mirror walls and required acoustics, the students are trained in all forms of dance under the able stewardship of competent teachers.

  • excellent acoustics
  • competent teachers

Swimming Pool

The school strives to give its students the best of all the facilities, be it recreational or educational.

The school has half-Olympic size swimming pool with modern cleaning systems.The students are provided with excellent coaching facilities under constant supervision of trainers and life guards. The school also has a small kids swimming pool.

Clean changing rooms near the swimming pool are also available with the facility of showers.

  • Proper coaching
  • Clean changing rooms

Sports Ground

The challenges of the 21st century demand individuals with well-groomed personalities. Beyond academic excellence, all round skills are required to succeed in the new era. The co-curriculum is designed to dovetail the academic curriculum.

With many acres of grounds, the school offers excellent and constantly expanding sports facilities to its students. Each student is motivated to take part in the sport activities organised under the supervision of trained Physical Education Teachers and Coaches.

While swimming, golf, horse riding, cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis form the major sports; roller-skating, physical training and tennis are other popular sports in which the students are trained. The school proposes to have a multi-gym.Students are also trained in yoga and meditation for their all round development.

  • Physical Fitness
  • Varied Sports

Horse Riding

An equestrian facility is available for the purpose of giving training to the students. It’s a sheer enjoyment for the juniors and an eccentric experience for the seniors.

  • Enjoyable Activity
  • Rhythmic Jumps

Skating Rink

A vast Skating rink is a distinctive feature of the school which tempts the students to lace up their skates and twirl away to capture their dreams. The young skaters leave everyone spellbound with their performances on wheels

  • Enjoyable Activity
  • Capturing Balance

Parent's Waiting Area

Parent's Waiting Area is built next to the school entrance. This area caters to the needs of certain counters such as fee payment, transport information and general administration. All these facilities are made available under one roof for the convenience of the parents and students

  • First Step Information
  • Multi Faceted Area


Emphasizing on the dietary requirements of the growing children the school provides nutritious food items and discourages the culture of junk food through the school cafeteria with no compromise on health standards.

  • Favourite Junction
  • nutritious food


With a sheer objective to provide the best transportation to the students, 44 buses embrace in the DPSK fleet. The routes of the school buses are framed keeping in mind the needs of the parents. The buses are well maintained with trained drivers and are well equipped with first aid kits. Also the point-to-point pick and drop facility under the able supervision of attendant is provided on Junior as well as Senior routes. The entire transport is under a close surveillance of CCTV cameras, speed control device and GPS system.

  • Emergency Ready
  • Fixed Bus Routes

School Clinic

We have a well-equipped infirmary which is adequately equipped to fulfil the medical requirements of the staff and the students. The school clinic is looked after by a well qualified nurse. It is periodically visited by a child specialist. A regular medical checkup of the students is done and a record is maintained which is also intimated to the parents

  • Well-Equipped Infirmary
  • Well Qualified Nurse

Spacious Campus

At the school the students are educated in a safe and secure environment, supported by the teachers who understand and accommodate their individual needs. The school is a family, full of love, understanding, respect and special emphasis on discipline and character building.

Here, our main goal is to provide the opportunity for quality education to meet the varied intellectual, cultural, physical, social and emotional needs of each child so that he/she may become an independent, responsible and useful productive citizen.

  • Vast Play Ground
  • Serene Surroundings

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