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Success is the result of hardwork and perseverance and in order to celebrate this spirit of success, Delhi Public School Karnal celebrated ‘Scholar Badge Ceremony’ on 29 Dec, 2017 to honour and felicitate the exemplary scholastic achievements of the students of classes IV to XII of the session 2016-17. The chief guest, Mr. Jashandeep Singh Randhawa ( Superintendent of Police), Mr. Narendra Aggarwal (Pro-Vice Chairman DPS Karnal) Mr. Mukesh Aggarwal and Mr. Vinod Mittal (Managing committee members), Special invitees, Mr. Rajan Lamba (Principal Tagore Public School and President Sahodya School Complex), Mr.Vipin Gupta (Renowned Industrialist) and Mr. Shammi Bansal (from Liberty Group) honoured the school by their gracious presence. The School Principal Ms. Meenu Arora welcomed the chief guest and other dignitaries by presenting a sapling. In her welcome address, she welcomed the chief guest, special invitees and parents. She spoke about the latest updations in school’s infrastructure. She told that a new fully air conditioned primary wing building has been constructed which will provide many facilities like skating rink, activity room , elevator, library, dance and music room, computer lab etc. Apart from this a new multi- purpose hall has also been constructed where various cultural activities, competitions and sports events can be organized. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guest, Mr. Jashandeep Singh Randhawa. The school cabinet members took the oath to hold the school motto of loyalty, truth and honour in high esteem. Mr. Jashandeep Singh Randhawa administered the oath, and admonished them to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty a glittering dance performance, by showcasing the Maharashtrian culture, a foot tapping Lavni Dance and an innovative Jazz Dance was presented by the students. A soul- stirring Orchestra , Haryanvi Dance Performance on the song Chora mein Haryane ka….. as well as the blissful unison of Lord Krishna and Sudama on the song mere yar sudama re……through a beautiful enactment by the students, glorified the event . The students mesmerized the audience with their scintillating Yoga Asanas depicting the philosophy of 'Health is Wealth'. The proceedings were electrified with the commencement of the distribution of scholar badges and certificates. The scholars beaming with confidence, teaming with joy, marched towards stage in a spectacular and orderly manner and became proud recipient of glorious green badges and certificates. A whopping 1213 students were the awardees, 17 students received Gold medals and 31 students were felicitated with certificates for full attendance. Students who won in various inter DPS competitions, CBSE competitions and sports events at National level were also honoured . The chief guest, Mr. Jashandeep Singh Randhawa appreciated the efforts put in by the students and motivated them to work diligently to achieve their dream. The programme ended on a very promising and positive note with a vote of thanks delivered by the Principal, who extended her heartfelt gratitude to the chief guest, parents and teachers for their presence to bless children. The ceremony concluded with the entire congregation singing the National Anthem in unison.

  • 03/01/2018


In the pristine premises of the school,the birth anniversary of the great mathematician Shri Ramanujan was celebrated with great zeal on 21 and 22 December, 2017 by organizing many activities based on Mathematics. As declared by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to mark the day as National Mathematics Day, the students were made to participate in various interesting activities.The students learned many new things related to the subject Math in a play way method. Class 6 students made 3D shape models to depict how Maths is useful in our day to day life. Class 7 students learned a new method of calculating the area very enthusiastically. Grade 8 learners made various 3D shape figures .The students, under the guidance of Maths teachers, learned many new things in an innovative way. On 22 December,2017 a special assembly was organized in which the students staged a skit showcasing that in practical life nothing is possible without Maths. The person who fails to do addition, subtraction ,multiplication and division cannot do the domestic activities properly and lags behind in every field of life.The students were enlightened about the importance of Maths through a poem 'Hated by many, loved by some'. On the occasion of National Mathematics Day, the students were told about the great achievements of Shri Ramanujan. The principal Ms. Meenu Arora applauded the students and the Maths Department.She inspired them to learn Mathematics with great interest and encouraged to follow the footsteps of Shri Ramanujam in this field.

  • 28/12/2017


In the Pristine premises of Delhi Public School, Karnal students of class VIII were enlightened about the political system of our country through Mock Parliament on 13 December, 2017. Social Science Department organised a session of Mock Parliament in which the students played role of various leaders and depicted how the elected representatives pass the laws in Parliament. The students disguised as leaders explained the procedure of passing a bill through debating with each other. In this dramatic event importance of levying a unified tax namely GST was propounded in detail. The students were enlightened about how and why taxes are imposed in detail. The students participated in mock parliament over enthusiastically and enacted their respective roles in the most realistic way. The principal Ms. Meenu Arora applauded the students and the Social Science department. She inspired them to understand the governing system of the country and urged to be vigilant about the rights.

  • 15/12/2017


With a view to make the students aware of the world wide importance of French language an assembly was organized on 14 December 2017 in the school premises which displayed the popularity of French as third language. The significance of E-education in present education system was presented through an erudite speech by a student of class VIII. A poem was recited in the glory of this language which gave the message to respect each other and live in harmony. Health capsule was presented by a student of class VII which throws light on the health benefits of consuming mint leaves. The students presented the story of Grass hopper and Ant through a skit which harped upon the importance of hardwork and sacrifice in one's life. The French aura was revived by sharing information on French culture: their cuisine, religion, dresses, etc. The children were then briefed about prospects of French in life. The assembly concluded with the words of appreciation by the Principal Ms Meenu Arora. She appreciated the coordination and harmonized conduct of the assembly and congratulated the students for their lively performances.

  • 15/12/2017
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