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Dusshera Celebration

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL KARNAL CERMONISES DUSSEHRA IN VIBRANT HUES DPS Karnal celebrated the auspicious festival, Dussehra, symbolizing the victory of good over evil in the school premises on 16 September 2018 with spiritual zeal and devotion. To commemorate the glory of Lord Rama a special assembly was organized in senior wing by Brahmaputra House students. The assembly commenced with a prayer which drenched the heart and soul of all in the bliss of serenity. The dance performances on Ramchander kripalu bhajman...….evoked the devotional feelings in the aura. The entire ambience wore a peaceful and tranquil pal of spirituality. The activity that stole the show was laughter dose which added humour to the aura. Health Capsule was also presented in which benefits of papaya leaves were told to the students . The students staged a skit displaying the fact that Ravana even after getting assassinated still exists in the society in form of social evils . It harped upon the need to arise to kill the Ravana for ever by eradicating such evils from the society. The Principal, Ms Meenu Arora urged the students to gird up loins to eliminate negative qualities from our mind and follow the footsteps of Lord Rama. She lauded the students to put up the show in such an uplifting way.

  • 02/11/2018

Investiture Ceremony

DPS KARNAL ORGANISED INVESTITURE CEREMONY FOR THE SESSION 2018-19 “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader;...they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role always about the goal”. The investiture ceremony 2018-19, the most notable event of our school was held with great exultation and jubilation. Every student inducted in the School Cabinet walked with pride and responsibility to receive his/her badges.An euphonious invocation song "Give me oil.....", sung by our school choir brightened the ceremony. There after, the much awaited event began. The members of the School Cabinet and House Cabinet accompanied by their respective House Mistress/Master, lined up in front of dais. The Principal, Ms. Meenu Arora honoured the members of the School Cabinet and House Cabinet with badges and sash in sequence of their port-folio, starting with the Head boy and Head girl, followed by the sports secretaries and the Cultural secretary. There after, the House prefects of all the four houses were honoured. The Principal administered the oath which marked the conclusion of the ceremony.The Principal, Ms.Meenu Arora in her address, elucidated the significance of the ceremony and explicated that a school is a platform where we produce students as good seeds for best future.

  • 02/11/2018


DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL KARNAL ORGANISED MODEL UNITED NATIONS "At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity." – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. As an endeavour to make the students aware of the fundamental operations of the United Nations, Model United Nations was conducted on 10 July, 2018 in the campus of DPS Karnal by Social Science Department. Students of class IX participated in Model United Nations enthusiastically. In this session, students acted as representatives of various countries and raised the burning issues which are the need of the hour like Terrorism spread by Kim Jong in North Korea and by Pakistan in Kashmir, Climatic Change and Sustainable Development. Students played their roles very well. They learnt about the functional and non-functional organs of the UN. The students got acquainted with MUN basics, typical MUN simulations, such as roll call procedure and voting procedure. They also came to know the necessity of international organization like United Nations. Students were very much excited about the programme and enacted their respective roles in the most realistic way. The Principal, Ms Meenu Arora applauded the enthusiasm of the students and congratulated the participants with her valuable and motivating words.

  • 14/07/2018


DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL ORGANISED INTER HOUSE HERITAGE QUIZ “We will be remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe India, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with civilizational heritage.” A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Initiated with a concept of encouraging young minds to learn about the country's rich art forms, culture, tradition and history, an Inter House Heritage Quiz was organized for classes VI-VIII on 12 July, 2018 at Delhi Public School Karnal. The quiz session witnessed the enthusiastic participation of four students from each house of school in the final round. The preliminary round was a verbal one wherein the students' knowledge of history and heritage was tested and the best four students from each house were selected by respective house wardens. The final quiz was divided into five rounds which involved visual, audio and buzzer based questions. The first round was Warm Up Round where one student was given thirty seconds to answer five questions. Each question carries one mark. The second round named as General Round in which each house team got thirty seconds to answer three questions. The correct answer carries ten marks and wrong answer was passed to next house team which received five marks for correct answer. The third round was of Buzzer Round which gave ten marks for correct answer and (-5) marks for incorrect answer. The fourth round named as Take Your Chance gave sixty seconds to each team with three hints . If the team answered with the use of with one hint ,they got ten marks and as they used second hint they got only 5 only ,the use of third hint gave the teams only 2 marks. The last round was of Visual Round where the teams got ten marks for correct answer. All the teams tried their best to score well. The other house teams gave a tough fight in the last round but could not catch up with the leading team of Narmada House and hence Narmada House students of class VI-D Agamjot, VII-C Divjot, VIII-D Rishab Batra and VIII-B Arin bagged the first position. The Principal, Ms Meenu Arora congratulated the winners, appreciated the knowledge of the students and also encouraged them to participate more in such competitions. She urged the students to become responsible and worthy citizens of the country by being dedicated and devoted and contribute to the progress of the country.

  • 13/07/2018
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