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Pro-Vice Chairman's Message


Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students

It is a privilege to have you navigate an enriching and delightful experience through our website.

Delhi Public School Karnal aims at becoming a trademark in education and services by imparting holistic education to its students. We harp on such teaching- learning process that unleashes the latent creativity and acumen of the children. We make them grasp the skills of life with 3 R’s (Reverence, Responsibility and Respect) so that at the end of their educational tenure children should emerge with high Self-esteem, Self-respect and Self-confidence. For my message akin to thought, I would like to borrow the erudite words of Former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam:

"Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge .Knowledge makes you great."

The childhood is a world of possibilities. We wish to see these possibilities emerge creatively beyond our expectations. The impossible doesn’t exist in the minds of individuals whose limit is the sky… This is the approach that DPS Karnal wants to empower its children to discover and follow their dreams come true.

I look forward to a strong and positive relationship with the parents and thank them wholeheartedly for their consistent and persistent support.

To the Modest pupils : “Whatever change you desire for the world, create that change in your own life. You are here for a purpose. Seek it out. Hunt it down”

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