To provide value based education catering to 21st century skills to enable individual child to be globally competitive yet humane.


Unveiling The Latent Virtues

Scholar Badge Ceremony

Scholar Badge Ceremony is the most prestigious event on academic calendar. Students scoring above 8.6 CGPA are entitled to be embellished with scholar badge. A student is adjudged a scholar from Class III (Final exam score).

Best Learning Practice

The school is a trendsetter in providing best learning practices through latest educational aids and activities which give them a spur to enquire, acquire and achieve.

Night Camp

In tune with the aim of nurturing the values of self reliance, confidence and courtesy among the students a Night Camp is organized for class III Graders annually.

National & International Olympiads

With a view to exhort the students to strive to learn and to reach the pinnacle of perfect knowledge various Olympiads are held at the school. This further fortifies them to crack various competitive exams.

Educational Tours

To provide valuable educational opportunities beyond the classroom teaching and to make theoretical knowledge vivid, national as well as international tours and excursions are organized every year. The children get exposure to an ever changing world, its different people, events and places.

Student's Council

Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other.

Keeping up with this famous quote, School Cabinet is trained to nurture sharpening striking leadership skills and shoulder the responsibilities in taking the school name to greater heights.

Developing students into global leaders.

01. Experienced Educators

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourth pure theatre. The school imparts high quality education to its students through its knowledgeable and dedicated faculty that has a passion for teaching, excellent organizational skills, ability to collaborate with the students, a willingness to change and reflect, required humility along with creative and innovative skills.

02. Personality Grooming

To spruce up the child’s outer as well as inner self for the survival in this competitive world, the school lays the foundation of personality development which includes boosting one’s confidence, enhancing communication abilities, broadening the boundaries of thinking and knowledge, flourishing new hobbies or skills, adding style and elegance to the personality, looks, talks and walks.

03. Life Skills

Our unique purpose is to assist youngsters in building the skills that will give them a base for success in the workplace and in life. Life Skill Education is not a new subject to be incorporated into the curriculum, rather the practiced activities interwoven with the vivid workshops help the youngsters cope up with the turbulence of adolescence and enable them to steer clear of irresponsible decisions throughout their life.

04. Social & Cultural Blend

Our school is a community-learning centre that develops individual pathways for students in order to encourage and support them to achieve personal standards of excellence in a caring environment. We, at Delhi Public School Karnal, believe that education is a process by which a child is moulded into a physically healthy, intellectually objective, emotionally balanced and spiritually conscious member of the society.

Latest from DPS Karnal ....

Helping students to develop a love for learning is our ultimate goal.

17 February 2020

Visit To Atal Park

Delhi Public School Karnal organized a fun trip for the students to Atal Park to enjoy the beautiful flora and greet the onset of spring.

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14 February 2020


Delhi Public School Karnal organized Folk Dance Competition for classes I & II. The children dressed in colourful ethnic costumes swayed to the beats of folk music. A wide range of folk dances were presented by our little dipsites. It was mesmerizing show with twirling toes, rhythmic foot work along with the beats of music. The stage was set on fire by the vibrant and energetic performances presenting the different colours and cultures of India. This event gave an opportunity to know more about our culture in a fascinating manner.

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09 February 2020


“The happiest people are those who lose themselves in the service of others." The Social Service Week was observed in the Jr. Wing of Delhi Public school Karnal for classes Nursery to II from 3rd February to 7th February, 2020 whereby a myriad of activities were carried out. The little dipsites were instilled with the significance and necessitate of social service by their teachers on the first day of the week. They were shown videos depicting the plight of the lesser fortunate ones in the society who need help to lead a life. On the day two, co-relating the teaching of the day one, kids were taught how they can be kind and compassionate towards others. They were imbibed with the feeling of empathy through the role plays on different situations. On the day three, the kids and teachers took a pledge to be kindhearted and supportive towards the poor, needy, orphans and to share their love, warmth and feelings with elderly people.

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